Help us keep our garden safe and healthy!


The primary mission of our Children’s Learning Garden Project:

Growing clean, healthy food and connecting to nature and each other.

As we build our garden together, please remember there are no pesticides or herbicides or other chemicals allowed. Please be mindful of this if you are donating items yourself or you are helping us obtain sponsors/donations:

🌱Only organic (pesticide and herbicide free) materials may be brought into the garden. This includes any materials brought in for composting or mulching.

🌱All seeds and plants…all trees (including non-edible) must be organically derived and grown. No use of chemicals. No GMO seeds or plants.

🌱All donations of lumber and other materials (plastic liners, etc.) must be checked to ensure they are chemical/toxin free and will not leech into the soil.

🌱In addition, we will not accept sponsorship monies from any chemical company or their affiliates.

🌱Please also help us monitor any foods brought in for the children for events or gatherings: An important part of the garden project is to introduce children to healthy eating – making it fun to eat healthy foodstuffs whether fresh from the garden or “treats” made with clean, unprocessed ingredients (see links to recipes below.) Please help us monitor this –

As the project progresses and we begin to host events and gatherings, please send all proposals for food vendors and the like to LeAnn Brown.

🌞🌻 THANK YOU so much for helping us monitor these most important aspects of growing healthy, organic food and teaching the children that healthy eating can be delicious and fun, too! 😊 LeAnn Brown, Project Initiator/Committee Chair

At the heart of the vision for our Children’s Learning Garden (videos and resources)

LINKS to a couple of fun and easy recipes to make with kids:

If you are interested in more yummy recipes for kids (and adults!) – please use the [contact form] to let me know. I have many recipes, recommendations and research I’ve been compiling for the last several years that I am happy to share. 🙂 LeAnn