A Path for Healing People & Planet

We truly, literally, are what we eat. I invite you to pause a moment and let that sink in.

Food is not only the fuel that makes your body run, what you eat forms the building blocks for your cells, for your child’s cells. Our babies, our children are what they eat—physically, mentally and emotionally—literally made of what we give them or allow them to eat.

Once we really understand this—witness the truth of it—we will see every food choice with new eyes.  We will clearly see food as energy, as fuel, but also as forming and regulating every cell in our body—as immunity boosters and powerfully healing and sustaining.

We’ll want our food and our children’s food—including snacks, treats, holiday favorites—to have the most light and life force possible and the sugar-filled, chemically-loaded faux foods will no longer have power over us, no matter how skillfully they market to us, no matter how deceptively they are packaged.

We all deserve new traditions based in health and the true happiness that results from eating well—the joy that comes from an empowered life, caring for our bodies and our planet, too. -LeAnn Brown, excerpt from l&l life. Read the full post here: Do they really have us that spellbound?

Do you know what regenerative agriculture is? How soil health directly impacts our human health? How the gut microbiome and diversity on the micro and macro level directly impacts our children’s quality of life and our ability to thrive as a species on this plant? Click the links below for introduction videos and links to communities who are offering educational materials on these and other related topics.

A Path for Healing People & Planet

A Path for Healing People & Planet

If you would like more information or have any questions, I’m happy to pass along all the (free) resources and research I’ve discovered on my own journey to understand our current health care and food systems and the paradigm shift that needs to happen for the health and wellbeing of our families and future generations on the planet.

Please feel free to email me via the contact form on this site. ♥️ LeAnn

June 10 2022: Group Work Day at the Garden

Once again, Kassadi and Drew Dunn have organized and hosted another fun and productive work day at our Community Learning Garden. So much work went into this day to make it the special event it was for all who attended.

A BIG THANK YOU to Kassadi and Drew and their family and everyone who came out to participate. Exciting progress!!-LeAnn Brown

PLANTING REPORT (from Kassadi)

🥒12 cucumber bushy pickler 6 yellow slicer 6 🍅14 tomato Russian yellow azoychka 3 Black Cherry 3 Sun gold 3 Illini gold 2 Muscovitch 3 🌶14 peppers 2 picnic pepper 1 red 1 orange 1 bell golden California wonder yellow 1 bell red Wisconsin lake 3 Anaheim 4 Shishito 3 poblano These are the starts purchased from Bowman Organic Farm, & they all got planted.

Report and images provided by Lead Gardener, Kassadi Dunn:

(A)=Adult (c)=child (A)= 10 (c)= 11 Repeats from last event (A)= 4 (c)= 3 🌈(A) Harli Denney & (c) Sebastian Bowen & (c) Oliver Denney. Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden, painted rocks& put their art in the garden, helped plant the raised beds, and helped clean up. Oliver made new friends & played in the sprinklers! 🌈(A) Ann & (A) Dave Boyack Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden & bought water bottles for everyone. 🌈(A) Kathy Harris Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden & offered great advice! 🌈(A) Elder Cook & (A) Elder Lindauer Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden 🌈(A) Karalee & (A) Darren Dunn Donated shade covers for the day, painted rocks & put their art in the garden, helped plant the raised beds & helped clean up. 🌈(c) Violet Boyack, (c) Hazel Devenburg(c) Piper Lish & (c) Kaydence Dunn Came to paint rocks & put their art throughout the garden 🌈(A) Dakota Booth Helped set up, helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden, helped plant raised beds & helped clean up. 🌈(c) Orrin, (c) Isla & (c) Leo Linscomb Helped plant seeds in victory garden, painted rocks& put their art in the garden, & helped plant the raised beds. Made new friends & played in the sprinkler! 🌈(A) Brittney, (c) Frankie & (c) Eric Sorenson Brought watermelon to share with everyone, painted rocks& put their art in the garden & helped plant raised bed. Made new friends & played in the sprinkler!

At the heart of the vision for our Children’s Learning Garden…

The following simplifies Dr. Zach Bush’s message in one relatively short video and

reaches to the heart of the vision for our learning garden.

Solutions within (!) so please watch and pass along to everyone you care about:

You might also like these resources:

FREE Master class with Zach Bush MD, The Microbiome (with links to much more information and resources on related topics.): Healing Secrets: The Wisdom of Your Microbiome: https://www.onecommune.com/microbiome-zach-bush-md-master-class

https://nontoxicneighborhoods.org and https://www.instagram.com/nontoxicidaho/

Recent News and Resources

excerpt from EWG.org, November 2, 2022: Leaked corporate documents have exposed Syngenta’s attempts to cover up paraquat’s, a popular weedkiller, links to Parkinson’s disease.

Ground-breaking investigative reporting from the New Lede and the Guardian has exposed hundreds of pages of Syngenta’s internal documents. These documents prove the chemical giant has known since the 1970s that paraquat could accumulate in the brain. But they hid that information from regulators – they lied repeatedly, claiming it could not cross the blood-brain barrier. Even Syngenta’s own research showed the weedkiller could harm the brain.

Paraquat remains one of the most widely used pesticides in the U.S., even though it’s been banned in China, the EU and the UK. 

excerpt from EWG.org, August 1, 2022:  Mars, the company that makes Skittles, is facing a lawsuit alleging its use of titanium dioxide makes its product “unfit for human consumption.”

But Skittles is just the tip of the iceberg. An EWG analysis has found titanium dioxide in over 3,000 products, including Sour Patch Kids, Starburst, Hostess Cupcakes and Jell-O.

Multiple alarming studies have found that titanium dioxide can break DNA strands and cause chromosomal damage! Because of these health concerns, the EU decided to BAN titanium dioxide as a food additive earlier this year. Meanwhile, in the U.S., titanium dioxide in food remains completely legal! The FDA hasn’t even reviewed new science on the chemical since 1966. Ridiculous! 

EWG’s Dirty Dozen Guide – The top 12 chemicals to avoid


A Children’s Learning Garden is in the works!


A Community & Children’s Learning Garden is underway for 2022 to include a solar powered greenhouse building for year round growing and many opportunities for exploring related subjects. Children will learn regenerative agriculture methods, organic ecosystem principles as well as nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices—green living free from pesticides and herbicides—and an appreciation for nature and the environment. —Healing ourselves and our planet, too!

EARTH DAY April 22, 2022 –

Join as at the garden for our first group work day! [details]

We’re excited about the many opportunities this will provide the children for learning through fun and engaging activities during the school year, but also the potential for events and programs to involve their families and our entire community year round:
  • A science fair with kids working on worm farms and experimenting with solar power and any number of related projects. 
  • Children and members of the community taking the excess produce to sell at the farmers market.
  • Classes where the children learn about nutrition, then host tasting tables where they share their knowledge with family and community.
  • Children’s cooking classes, creating healthy dinners for family and friends with the produce they themselves have grown. 
  • Teen-focused summer programs with *regenerative agriculture focus.
  • Mentorship programs with the senior gardeners in our community and
  • Many other opportunities to be out in nature–connecting with others while learning empowering, life-enhancing skills.

Why I’m passionate about these topics:

-a personal story by project initiator, LeAnn Brown

If you know me, you’ve probably heard me express my passion for growing without chemicals and the impact of what we eat on our health and the health of our planet. This became a strong focus for me when I was researching to understand why my mom was ill and continued in earnest after her passing.

This quest led me on a journey where I made one connection after another and began questioning everything with regard to our food and healthcare systems, seeing with a new awareness the answers that seem so very obvious to me now. Along the way, I discovered other people including physicians, research scientists and laypeople like me who were making the same connections. 

I didn’t discover Zack Bush MD until well into this journey but I’ve been sharing his work (see below) ever since. He has the professional background and knowledge base to address these topics as well as a heart-centered, solution-oriented outlook. He speaks eloquently about these issues, with a focus on the positive action steps we can begin taking today.

His work and philosophy regarding the importance of our connection to each other and our beautiful planet along with diversity and cooperation on the micro and macro level really resonates and aligns with my personal findings and philosophy.  I hope it inspires others in the same way!

We need like-minded individuals–those who are passionate about our health and the health of our planet–to join us in bringing this project to life. — [Write us here.]

Thank you! -LeAnn Brown, Committee Chair, Children’s Learning/Community Garden Project

The site for the Children’s Learning Garden is the south end of the Mt. View Elementary football field.

With the support of Mt. View’s Principal, Logan Kent, we received approval to move forward with this property by the MV District School Board, April 12th, 2021.

April 10, 2022: Our thanks to Kassadi Dunn for creating this digital drawing of our plans! Kassadi has just signed on to be part of MAC and to be a major contributor to the garden alongside her brother, Drew Dunn, who has been steadily working behind the scenes these last several months. Among other things, Drew installed the irrigation system and has been growing seeds at home in order to be ready for planting this spring!

Join as at the garden for our first group work day! [details]

Planting will begin this spring 2022! – If you would like to donate or sponsor, we are still fundraising for our general expense fund as well as looking for sponsors and material donations for the following specific items:

– Lumber for raised beds: 2×12’s – (or 10′ min. boards) – 312 linear ft. – April 7, 2022 UPDATE: Boards from the old McCammon school were donated for this purpose!

Still looking to obtain:

– Stone slabs for seating in our 30′ diameter amphitheater. – 20′ x 40′ greenhouse building for year round growing and learning.

We’re looking for help in all areas so if you have skills to offer, equipment to loan or perhaps you’d like to donate or become a sponsor-please message us today.

**The following video simplifies Dr. Zach Bush’s message in one relatively short video and

reaches to the heart of the vision for our learning garden.

Solutions within (!) so please watch and pass along to everyone you care about:

Farmer’s Footprint is a short documentary film which I’ve set to start at about the halfway point which gives you a good idea of the content.  Of course, feel free to watch from the beginning if you have the time/inclination. 🙂  To learn more and to join the (free) Farmer’s Footprint community where you’ll receive updates and connect with others who are part of this movement, go here: https://farmersfootprint.us

*Regenerative Agriculture – excerpt from zachbushmd.com on Farming:

In 1945 Americans grew 45% of their food in their backyard gardens. Now we grow 0.1% of our food in our backyards.  50% of Americans were farming in 1880, now less than 2% of the nation is employed in agriculture.

We created this era of chemical mega farms that has led to the destruction of our soils, water systems, oceans, and human health. By the same reality, we can transform this planet to the most verdant and regenerative ecosystem that has been in many millennia.

By learning to work in a co-creative process with mother nature and her extraordinary variety of species, farmers and consumers will participate to witness richer soils and more abundance of life and health than has been seen in human history.

Let’s rise together.

farmersfootprint.us – “A path to soil health and food independence.”

Explore the Knowledge Base Library: https://zachbushmd.com/knowledge-base

Thank you, Rocky Mountain Power!

Rocky Mountain Power Foundation is supporting McCammon Action Council’s community garden as part of its most recent round of Safety and Wellness grants and wants to encourage others to support the effort as well, whether through donations to help them secure their greenhouse, or through volunteerism.

The foundation has provided a $5,500 grant to support this important work, and is providing additional support by increasing visibility for the organization through social media and local media.

I so appreciate Aaron Hunsaker (MAC’s Director) who got us going by networking and leading the fundraising charge; the invaluable support of Drew Dunn (Master Gardener with emphasis in permaculture/regenerative agriculture); and other gardeners in our community including Kathy Spiegel and Brent and Laurel Anderson offering advice and encouragement.

We would love for this garden to become the first of several organically grown community and family-run gardens where we all enjoy contributing and benefiting from these life-enhancing practices!

Thank you in advance for your support and for helping us spread the word! LeAnn Brown

Check out some fun ideas and inspiration on our pinterest board and let us hear from you if you’d like to be involved.

As always, you can support this project and every project in our community by becoming a Patron. – (For as little as $3.33 month you can make a big difference!) Follow the link to learn more: McCammon Action Council on Patreon

The McCammon Action Council is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

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