A Path for Healing People & Planet

We truly, literally, are what we eat. I invite you to pause a moment and let that sink in.

Food is not only the fuel that makes your body run, what you eat forms the building blocks for your cells, for your child’s cells. Our babies, our children are what they eat—physically, mentally and emotionally—literally made of what we give them or allow them to eat.

Once we really understand this—witness the truth of it—we will see every food choice with new eyes.  We will clearly see food as energy, as fuel, but also as forming and regulating every cell in our body—as immunity boosters and powerfully healing and sustaining.

We’ll want our food and our children’s food—including snacks, treats, holiday favorites—to have the most light and life force possible and the sugar-filled, chemically-loaded faux foods will no longer have power over us, no matter how skillfully they market to us, no matter how deceptively they are packaged.

We all deserve new traditions based in health and the true happiness that results from eating well—the joy that comes from an empowered life, caring for our bodies and our planet, too. -LeAnn Brown, excerpt from l&l life. Read the full post here: Do they really have us that spellbound?

Do you know what regenerative agriculture is? How soil health directly impacts our human health? How the gut microbiome and diversity on the micro and macro level directly impacts our children’s quality of life and our ability to thrive as a species on this plant? Click the links below for introduction videos and links to communities who are offering educational materials on these and other related topics.

A Path for Healing People & Planet

A Path for Healing People & Planet

If you would like more information or have any questions, I’m happy to pass along all the (free) resources and research I’ve discovered on my own journey to understand our current health care and food systems and the paradigm shift that needs to happen for the health and wellbeing of our families and future generations on the planet.

Please feel free to email me via the contact form on this site. ♥️ LeAnn

June 10 2022: Group Work Day at the Garden

Once again, Kassadi and Drew Dunn have organized and hosted another fun and productive work day at our Community Learning Garden. So much work went into this day to make it the special event it was for all who attended.

A BIG THANK YOU to Kassadi and Drew and their family and everyone who came out to participate. Exciting progress!!-LeAnn Brown

PLANTING REPORT (from Kassadi)

🥒12 cucumber bushy pickler 6 yellow slicer 6 🍅14 tomato Russian yellow azoychka 3 Black Cherry 3 Sun gold 3 Illini gold 2 Muscovitch 3 🌶14 peppers 2 picnic pepper 1 red 1 orange 1 bell golden California wonder yellow 1 bell red Wisconsin lake 3 Anaheim 4 Shishito 3 poblano These are the starts purchased from Bowman Organic Farm, & they all got planted.

Report and images provided by Lead Gardener, Kassadi Dunn:

(A)=Adult (c)=child (A)= 10 (c)= 11 Repeats from last event (A)= 4 (c)= 3 🌈(A) Harli Denney & (c) Sebastian Bowen & (c) Oliver Denney. Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden, painted rocks& put their art in the garden, helped plant the raised beds, and helped clean up. Oliver made new friends & played in the sprinklers! 🌈(A) Ann & (A) Dave Boyack Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden & bought water bottles for everyone. 🌈(A) Kathy Harris Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden & offered great advice! 🌈(A) Elder Cook & (A) Elder Lindauer Helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden 🌈(A) Karalee & (A) Darren Dunn Donated shade covers for the day, painted rocks & put their art in the garden, helped plant the raised beds & helped clean up. 🌈(c) Violet Boyack, (c) Hazel Devenburg(c) Piper Lish & (c) Kaydence Dunn Came to paint rocks & put their art throughout the garden 🌈(A) Dakota Booth Helped set up, helped plant seeds & starts in victory garden, helped plant raised beds & helped clean up. 🌈(c) Orrin, (c) Isla & (c) Leo Linscomb Helped plant seeds in victory garden, painted rocks& put their art in the garden, & helped plant the raised beds. Made new friends & played in the sprinkler! 🌈(A) Brittney, (c) Frankie & (c) Eric Sorenson Brought watermelon to share with everyone, painted rocks& put their art in the garden & helped plant raised bed. Made new friends & played in the sprinkler!

Cool Cars and a Movie Under the Stars

Friends Christina Mumme and Lacy Parker Saxton and their families really got into the spirit of the evening!
Longtime McCammonite, Richard Wilde standing out from the crowd.
McCammon Action Council leading the way! Aaron Hunsaker driving his ’63 VW Bug, Morgann Brown (left) & Jillian Brown (right) sporting MAC’s new ACTION T’s.

Our thanks to our sponsor for this movie, Idaho Central Credit Union and to Carol Green for organizing the Cruise Parade…Thanks also to our Movie Nights in the Park event lead producer: Sherri Bordeaux, and director, Aaron Hunsaker.

If you have ideas, would like to volunteer, or would like to be involved as a sponsor for any MAC | McCammon Action Council event, please reach out to us [contact] If you’re not already a subscriber, please subscribe and introduce yourself here: [subscribe]

As many residents know by now, MAC is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. Our goal is to continue to produce these new fun events as well as continually add more ways for us to gather, connect and share.

Thanks to one and all who came out to support this event and for all of you working behind the scenes in so many ways to make our community great…

…Our theme says it all. —Together we grow!

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*If you or someone you know is featured in these images, I’d love to include that info below the photo…name(s) and car details. 🙂 Thanks! LeAnn

Bike Rodeo and Safety Day 2019, Portneuf Air Rescue lands in McCammon Ball Field

Bike Rodeo Safety Day

A fun and educational day for all ages, this year’s annual Bike Rodeo and Safety Day was held August 24th, 2019.  

The Portneuf Air and Rescue helicopter kicked off the event in a dramatic fashion by landing in the middle of the ball field where little kids (as well as a few grown-up kids) had the rare opportunity to sit in the pilot’s seat. 

Portneuf Air Rescue  - Bike Rodeo Safety Day 2019

The PSI truck, the McCammon fire trucks  and the Bannock County Ambulance and Sheriff were on hand for demonstrations and questions.  Everyone had the chance to get up-close to these vehicles and to learn more about the people who work in these important positions in our community.  

Bannock County Ambulance Demonstration on Bike Rodeo Safety Day 2019
Bannock County Ambulance Demonstration on Bike Rodeo Safety Day 2019
Bike Rodeo Safety Day 2019

To round out the fun, there was a huge slide and bouncy-house and lots of giveaways and treats.

Sherri Bordeaux of the McCammon Action Council and City Clerk of McCammon, says the event is growing every year and Idaho Fish and Game and Union Pacific among others are planning to be involved in 2020.  

If you or your company or organization are interested in participating in this or other upcoming events, please contact Sherri Bordeaux at the City Office