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I'm in!—What can I do?

These are just a few (of many!) ways you can be involved:
  • Become a PATRON
  • Have a booth at the new Farmers Market
  • Volunteer at an existing event
  • Create your own event
  • Teach a class  
  • Loan your venue or equipment
  • Sponsor an event (as an individual or business) 
  • Follow, subscribe and share event posts and pics with your friends and neighbors and
  • Help us spread the word! —We want every person in our community to feel welcome to participate and to be in-the-know about all the exciting programs and activities going on.    


Let’s GROW our new Farmers Market together!  Our vision is to have an abundance of locally grown produce…but also an array of local artisans (that’s you!) sharing your talents and wares…be it homemade bread and preserves, artwork, woodwork, pottery, macrame, quilts, soaps, jewelry, honey, flowers, plants…whatever your specialty or skill set, we’d love to see you involved.  Contact us now for help and ideas in planning your own booth or perhaps collaborating with a group.

Here’s a fun idea: 

Host gatherings with fellow artisans during the winter months in preparation for the upcoming market! —MAC


Events currently needing sponsorship/donations:

  • Movie Night in the Park – 5 nights announced for summer of 2020!  (See event calendar for details.)
  • Other projects:  community center, community gardens, farmers market, website/events calendar.
  • All events: publicity and promotional materials and related expenses.
  • Please contact us for detailed information on current events and sponsorship opportunities.


Please click the button below to find out how you can support all the fun events and activities in our community with as little as $3.33/month  (a fraction of just one movie ticket and we have 5 free movies coming up this summer!)


…if you are a business, see how your monthly subscription of just $33.33 gives you exposure on our website and other benefits.  Please visit our Patreon Page via the button below for more details.

Become a Patron!

One-time donations can still be made at the City Office. Thank you!

The McCammon Action Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.