Help us keep our garden safe and healthy!


The primary mission of our Children’s Learning Garden Project:

Growing clean, healthy food and connecting to nature and each other.

As we build our garden together, please remember there are no pesticides or herbicides or other chemicals allowed. Please be mindful of this if you are donating items yourself or you are helping us obtain sponsors/donations:

🌱Only organic (pesticide and herbicide free) materials may be brought into the garden. This includes any materials brought in for composting or mulching.

🌱All seeds and plants…all trees (including non-edible) must be organically derived and grown. No use of chemicals. No GMO seeds or plants.

🌱All donations of lumber and other materials (plastic liners, etc.) must be checked to ensure they are chemical/toxin free and will not leech into the soil.

🌱In addition, we will not accept sponsorship monies from any chemical company or their affiliates.

🌱Please also help us monitor any foods brought in for the children for events or gatherings: An important part of the garden project is to introduce children to healthy eating – making it fun to eat healthy foodstuffs whether fresh from the garden or “treats” made with clean, unprocessed ingredients (see links to recipes below.) Please help us monitor this –

As the project progresses and we begin to host events and gatherings, please send all proposals for food vendors and the like to LeAnn Brown.

🌞🌻 THANK YOU so much for helping us monitor these most important aspects of growing healthy, organic food and teaching the children that healthy eating can be delicious and fun, too! 😊 LeAnn Brown, Project Initiator/Committee Chair

At the heart of the vision for our Children’s Learning Garden (videos and resources)

LINKS to a couple of fun and easy recipes to make with kids:

If you are interested in more yummy recipes for kids (and adults!) – please use the [contact form] to let me know. I have many recipes, recommendations and research I’ve been compiling for the last several years that I am happy to share. 🙂 LeAnn



Our thanks to all the brave souls who ventured out on a very wet and chilly EARTH DAY to make a start in our Community/Children’s Learning Garden. Despite the weather, we accomplished a lot and we are so grateful to every person for their contribution.

We’ll be sharing a full report soon (scroll down for update)…we just wanted to express our thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm, your donations, and your hard work today!

We did it!

I want to make mention of our lead gardeners, Kassadi Dunn and Drew Dunn, who led the charge and made this first work day happen, prepping and bringing materials to the site days before. They worked tirelessly on-site all day long and on top of all the physical labor, were taking time to engage and encourage all the children who came out. Despite being wet and cold, the kids were motivated and interested in learning – – I can’t wait to see how well we all do in a little warmer weather!

I also want to mention and thank Dakota Booth and Darren Dunn who were on-site first thing and worked all day building the raised bed boxes and helping throughout the day in other areas, as well.

Scott Hoskins was on-site first thing and when he noticed the guys building the boxes in the rain, came back with his pop-up canopy for them, then worked all day doing the hardest jobs: digging holes and planting trees, among other things.

Sherri and Bill Bordeaux were on-site first thing and Sherri came back soon after with food for everyone.

Many came throughout the day and we were able to get the names of most of you which I will share here soon. (update: scroll down for report by Kassadi Dunn.)

If you participated and are reading this post, please make a comment below and give the names of all those in your group so we can make sure to record everyone in our Memories Book we are creating for our garden. We also want to make sure we can keep in touch with all who are interested in participating in the future, so we’d love to have your contact info so we can send you messages and updates.

Thank you again to everyone who came out and for all who have shown your support in so many other ways! – Visit our “GRATITUDE GARDEN” where we showcase all sponsors and donations given.

I’m so grateful to all of you for making this garden a reality! LeAnn B. (project initiator and committee chair)

Earth Day @ McCammon

(April 23, 2022 – Report by Lead Gardener, Kassadi Dunn):

(A) = Adult – 16 adults attended

(c) = child – 11 children attended

Lead Gardeners/Event Organizers: Kassadi Dunn and Drew Dunn

Project Initiator/Committee Chair: LeAnn Brown

✨Dakota Booth (A)

Helped set everything up. Brought tools & built the raised beds. Helped plant trees & fill the raised beds & helped clean up. 

✨Darren Dunn (A)

Helped set everything up. Brought tools & built the raised beds. Helped fill the raised beds& clean up. 

✨Scott Hoskins (A)

Stayed the entire time, brought tools, set up his easy-up so we had a dry spot to work, dug half of the tree rings himself, helped plant all of the trees, helped fill garden beds & was great company. 

✨Savanah (c) and Dave (A) Boyack 

Showed up first thing to pick up trash & rocks & sticks, left for other things & came back to fill the raised beds& chat. 

✨Sherry (A)&  Bill (A)Bordeaux

Picked up rocks and garbage. Were very thoughtful & generous, supplied the whole crew with lunch & drinks

✨Jiraiya (c)

Strong young boy who picked up rocks, sticks & garbage, was eager to help, had a very encouraging attitude that kept us motivated. 

✨Tori Bowen (A) & Sebastian Bowen (c). Dug tree rings, helped plant the goose berry & blackberry. Donated  $100, wildflowers seeds, and a beautiful blackberry bush, entertained us with fun conversation 

✨Arianne (A), Aven(c), Penn(c) , & Hera(c) Hunsaker 

Began the rock garden mandala bed and the kids made a very smart design decision to incorporate another path to accommodate the irrigation

✨Paula Rowe (A)

Came and entertained us with fun conversation and donated money on behalf of her mother MarLeen Keller $100 

✨Hazel (c) & Mitzi (A) Carter 

Continued work on the rock garden mandala, planted a black currant& two raspberries, dug tree rings & helped plant trees. Hazel was very motivated and kept wanting to help despite being very cold. She motivated us all to keep going.

✨Braxton (c) & Brynlee (c) Anderson

Continued work on the rock garden mandala, helped fill the raised beds & entertained us with nice conversation 

✨Karlene Hall (A)

Helped fill the raised beds & entertained us with nice conversation 

✨Frankie (c), Britney(A), Eric (c)& Ben (A)Sorenson 

Very much wanted to help but had car troubles, they still made it in time to help us clean up at the end of the day 

Ivan Bullock’s Donation – In Memoriam

Ivan Bullock, whose family has deep roots in McCammon, recently donated $500 to our non-profit community organization MAC | McCammon Action Council. With his donation, he included a beautiful letter wherein he paid tribute to family and friends who have passed:

McCammon Action Council

Dear Council Members:

I am making a $500 donation to support community events and projects carried out by this body. These funds are donated in memory of McCammon area residents who have passed away and made significant contributions of time, service, and support of our community in so many ways.

H. Reed & Jeanine Cammack – Reed served for 25 years on the Marsh Valley School board as member and President. He and his wife Jeanine were lifelong residents, both growing up here attending McCammon Elementary and High School. Reed worked with his father Henry on the family farm located west and north of town and took over operation of the farm after his father passed away. Reed was an insurance agent for Farm Bureau and made lifelong friends while serving as their agent. Reed and Jeanine were active members of the McCammon LDS ward serving in many capacities over many years.

Lynn & Sharon Crump – Lynn and Sharon were both raised in McCammon and attended McCammon Elementary and North Marsh High School. Lynn worked with his father-in-law, Otto Jenkins, operating Jenkins Tractor Service in the buildings where the Little Rock Café and D& D Repair are located. They served the Marsh Valley and McCammon area for many years selling and servicing Massy Ferguson, Alice Chalmers, New Holland farm equipment and auto-truck repairs. They eventually closed the business shortly after Ott retired. They moved to the Pocatello area when Lynn went to teach at Idaho State University Diesel Mechanics Program.

Gary K. (Sam) and Anita Brown were both raised in McCammon, attended local schools and were lifelong members of our community. Gary taught 7th and 8th grades for several years in McCammon and then was the principal of Mountain View Elementary School for 25 years. They both were active in our community and in the LDS church.

Lynn and Una Bullock were lifelong residents of McCammon. Both attended local schools and supported the McCammon community. Lynn and his nine brothers were raised on the family farm west of McCammon. Lynn eventually took over the farm after his father, Willard, passed away. Lynn also worked at Jenkins Tractor Service for many hears as a mechanic. Lynn was a strong supporter of the McCammon rodeo serving as a volunteer, furnishing roping calves and hay, and riding as a pick-up man for the saddle and bareback horse events. He served as president of the rodeo committee for about 10 of his 30 plus years on the committee. Una worked at the elementary school as a teacher’s aide for several years, operated the Cloverleaf Café until is was bought out by Flying J and worked as an assistant manager for Flying J restaurant for almost 20 years.

Beverly Bullock – Bev was an implant to McCammon having grown up on a farm in Rockford, Idaho. She attended Rockford Elementary and graduated from Snake River High School. She graduated form Brigham Young University with a BS degree in Education. Bev was teaching at Greenacres Elementary when she caught my eye (or I caught hers). We moved to McCammon when I bought the Cloverleaf Café and Texaco where Flying J Truckstop is now located. Bev ran the café for about 5 years, then wanted to go back to teaching. Her divine calling for sure. Bev taught at the Mountain View Elementary School for 29 years. She also taught GED night classes in McCammon for Idaho State University Continuing Education and helped many people get their GED diploma. After her retirement, Bev continued to substitute for teachers in the school district, enjoying subbing at the high school where she reconnected with many of her grade school students.

Bev was a two-time cancer survivor, inspiring many of us in the community with her determination and perseverance during her final battle with this terrible disease.

There are many more residents who are deserving of being recognized for their contributions to our community. I hope to continue to recognize more individuals in the future.

Thank you for all of your efforts in making McCammon, Idaho a great place to live in and be from!

Ivan Bullock

THANK YOU IVAN for your generous support of our organization and for including this beautiful tribute. You are an integral part of our community and we feel grateful to call you neighbor and friend.

Growing Healthy Kids

Planting begins this season in our very own Community/Children’s Learning Garden!

There will be growing areas for raised beds and in-ground crops and fruit trees and berry bushes and pollinator-loving flowers and herbs –a veritable food forest…evolving and growing over time with many inviting spaces and places planned for discovery and connecting with nature and each other.

THE VISION: We have many ideas for fun events, activities and gatherings at the garden and are excited about the myriad possibilities this will bring to our children and our community as a whole.

EVERYONE IS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE! There are many ways for every person, young and old, to contribute and benefit.

Come grow with us! 🌞🌱LeAnn Brown, Project Initiator/Committee Chair

Please reach out today and let us know how your family and/or business would like to be involved! CONTACT

Related reading:

An inspiring article about the many benefits a garden offers from the perspective of an occupational therapist working with children:

Community gardens help students blossom and grow. As a therapist, I’ve seen it firsthand.


We are looking to our community and area businesses for support in bringing this project to fruition. We have raised funds for initial stages, but are still in need of funding and material/labor donations for a 20’x40′ solar-powered greenhouse building for year round growing and learning, a 30′ diameter amphitheater (looking for a company to sponsor/donate stone slabs for seating) and various other supplies and help needed.

CONTACT us today to learn how your family or business can be part of this exciting project and memorialized in our

Gratitude Garden with a permanent plaque.